PasswordPusher is an application to communicate passwords over the web. Links to passwords expire after a certain number of views and/or time has passed. Hosted at pwpush.com.

I previously posted this project on Reddit which provided some great feedback - most of which has been implemented.

The source code to this site is on Github. It's opensource and free for anyone to use or modify. Use it internally at your organization, host it publicly or just use pwpush.com. It's up to you.

The Human

My name is Peter Giacomo Lombardo. You can find me on LinkedIn and Github.

On a normal day, I spend my time building Instana and others days working on tools like PasswordPusher.

For updates, you can follow me on Twitter or Github.

Password Pusher Tools & Utilities


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  6. Mentions in a bunch of comments and Tweets: on HackerNews, QandASystem, WebDesignShock, and Logicamp


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